If you love the short story as much as I do, you will likely be interested in what’s happening in the world of short stories. As  Michael Czyzniejewski, professor at Missouri State and editor at Moon City Press notes, the National Book Award has not recognized a story collection this year. Provided in this post is a list of fresh off the press collections to suit your story appetite. Michael’s blog also covers at least one short story a day or more from a collection. Insight into one collection a day for a year: That’s a lot of collections! Maybe one day, stories will get their due. In the meantime, enjoy, and check out Michael’s blog.


Way to be, Story366! Today is an interesting day in that Karen is headed east right now, visiting her mom in Ohio. That means it’s me and the boys for the next four. Check back often to see how that’s going. Should be fun.

In other news, the long lists for the National Book Award came out today, and in the fiction category, there is a list of ten novels. My friend Amber Sparks was the first person I saw speak up about this on FB, noting that short stories are vital, there were a lot of great books released this year, the novel is so etc., etc., etc. I couldn’t agree more, because if you couldn’t tell, I kinda like short stories. Taking Amber’s lead, I put together a list of the story collections released in 2016 that I’ve covered so far on this blog, plus a bunch…

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