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Here are some wonderful prompts for writing spooky this time of year. I thought I would share them. I have become especially intrigued with the circus prompts and may also expand this to come up with carnival prompts. Really, when you think of it, there are quite a few scenes and situations that lend themselves to scary other than what is typical. What about movie theaters, abandoned shopping malls, libraries, etc.? The English writer MR James is one of my favorite horror writers and he has a good handful of library horror stories. Oh, and he writes a seaside horror that is downright chilling! I think many of these 50 prompts on this site have a great potential to inspire spooky, fantastical, weird writing because they go a little deeper than the typical horror prompts.

Regarding this first category listed, “home horror” listed on the site, I was part of a literary anthology called Demonic Household. We were to choose an item that was “possessed.” That was fun! I used the Japanese horror story of Hanako-san who haunts toilets. When I was describing the way my young characters summoned something haunting and scary, I put it in the same category as the Bloody Mary game that we used to play when I was a girl. But watch out, Hanako-san can drag you down to hell!

Happy getting scary and scared.

Sincerely yours—Margaret

Horror Made

I have been spending more and more time writing, but I keep wanting some prompts to get the inspiration flowing. But I wasn’t finding any that really hit the right note for me. I wanted some with horror or sci-fi elements already baked in. So… I made some!

Today I offer you 50 Horror Writing Prompts. With 10 in each subcategory:

  1. Home Horror
  2. Sci-Fi Horror
  3. Circus Horror
  4. Aquatic Horror
  5. Supernatural Horror

Home Horror Prompts

  1. There’s a demon in my teapot
  2. Someone keeps writing messages on the bathroom mirror
  3. The doors and windows have suddenly sealed themselves shut with your main character stuck inside
  4. A monster has found its way into the house using mirrors
  5. Someone is living inside the walls
  6. One doorway in the house is actually a portal to another dimension
  7. The back porch transforms into something that stalks the streets each night
  8. A cursed object is brought…

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